By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2006 Jan 03
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A Walk In The Fall

                  We took a walk in the fall
                     but spent most nights
                       in my dark and windowless room
                          killing time
                     and avoiding intimate conversation
                       by watching movies
                     exchanging our warmth
                          for safety
                    while sorrow slept peacefully
                       (painfully patient)
                      at the foot of my bed
                      I found you
                     in the months
                        that have passed
                       since you left;
                         only now
                      have I surfaced
                   from this ocean of pardons and memories

                   Submerge me in your smile
                (drown me quickly please)
                    or just cut me with covnersation
                (Give me superficial wounds;
                    scratches that speak
                  to any who may dare attempt
                    to hold my body close)