By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2006 Jan 03
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A Walk In The Fall

                 I don't know where to start
                   So I'll call Tomorrow
                   my new Beginning

                   I am metal and magic,
                        skin and soul:
                    if you understand
                      then perhaps there is still hope
                   for this trivial being
                      (turn the clocks back,
                        call it deja vu,
                      just send me back
                           to her beautiful face
                       and welcoming arms
                           of wishful warmth
                         that put me in a daze)

    Watch me walk
                                              I still move
                         because there is a star
                                smiling just for me
                           (Somewhere out there)
                           and she winks
                       speaking words with a silk tongue
                        that smooth the corners of my mind
                        soothing the indignation and fire
                           consuming my heart
                      (What is it you really want:
                            I'm tired of asking.)