By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2006 Feb 03
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Another One Crossed Off The List

I'm giving today
Everything I have:
every ounce of passion,
every entrancing breath,
every step I take
with pure just intent
given away as gifts
Every single thought
that has managed to attain worth
offered up
in hope
that I will bleed no more
when tomorrow finally arrives

I move,
shuffling along
sometimes without any will
(survival becomes an unexpected test)
I just want to find her:
That Girl
dressed casually
in truth and faded jeans
that has a pure heart -
she will understand me

These women
(plastic that walks and breathes)
that I have held
have so little true worth;
I am disgusted
by your attempt
at meaningful conversation
(Standing beneath a fresh snowfall
what do I have left
but this lonely journey)