By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2006 Feb 08
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Drive Away (I Don't Miss You)

Drive Away
Leave me here standing in the rain
(I won't Mind)
Pack your memories and kisses
meticulously in your worn out suitcase;
tired and desperate
for a moments rest
Let the wind whisper
as it walks past you
but pay no attention
to the warning it speaks
(You drove me crazy)

Just drive away
(Don't look back)
find somewhere else to call home
another place you think you can understand:
A lack of faith
in yourself
drove you mad
(the drugs become demons
dieing dastardly at daybreak
in the daydreaming arms
of a bitter angel:
they have consumed
your spirit
in the very hopelessness
you tried to escape)

So drive away
(There's noone here
that will save you)
bleed a trail of regret
that you won't discover
until your journey is complete
and plant hope
in some random ditch
on the roadside
then go ahead
and walk away
(I won't miss you)