By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Feb 26
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Looking for a rainbow path :)

Has this question ever occured to you??
Why did we meet?why did my path cross yours?
Why did yours cross other's?
What's the point of us all meeting if it never ends up the way we want it to??
It ends in disappointment,pain,and betrayal?
Why meet if it only adds up the scars drawn on your body?
If this doesn't change us into the better but into the worse?
A part of a plan?What plan?
The one that's out to get me?
The one that's turning my life into a beautiful painting of disasers?
All the ones I loved and cherished that crossed my path..Left..
Don't cross my path,because it'll hurt me to watch you leave.
My faith in people is slowly dying.
Surprise me and stay.