By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Feb 26
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Snow V Rain

My candy land is covered with fluffy snow flakes...For the first time in a very long time everything looks so beautiful,so new,so pure again in my eyes.
I go outside,I gaze into the distance,I see nothing but a white veil,the same one that earth hides beneath each year,the same one it uses to hide the scars of man kind,to cover up the acts of shame and disgrace,to put on that beautiful mask every winter and bury the ugliness it has turned into.
I walk out to find a gorgeous path,a path that leads to a place where no man has ever been as I only see a trail of my foot-steps.
Along the snowy winter days this place became special to me as nobody's ever been this far,not a soul has seen what I did,it's like this place is hidden between the clouds.
It was heaven on earth,so hard to describe as it made me speechless..I've seen the real face of nature,I've seen the real beauty it hides,I've seen what others may never see in their lives.
It starts to rain..These fluffy snow flakes start to melt,
I'm still in paradice,in the place where I allowed myself to love,where I let myself dream..I look up at the sky and enjoy the rain as it falls on my face gently..A drop of rain blinds my eyes..the same drop that wakes me up every time,the same drop of rain that reveals the truth of man kind,that shows me that I have chosen the wrong path again, that strips earth of that beautiful white veil and the same one that reminds me that ugliness still exists,the same rain drop that stops me every time I spread my wings and allow myself to dream.