By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Feb 26
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I'm scattered pages here and there..
ripped out of the book of order..
Chaos over-whelming different aspects of my life ,
I'm dry ink,
the writings I represent will soon fade into nothing..
leaving me with no idea of who I am,
leaving me with no identity ,
with no history to go back to,
with no home to embrace me..
Walking in the lame shadows of a broken heart.
not serving a specific aim,
torn apart between the dream of what I want to be ,
and the fear of what I could become?
Losing the war of success in of a couple of set-backs,
a number of defeats in the land of battles.
Weak? no, temporary paralyzed.. needing to adjust to the enormous change I've faced the past few months,
I must re-educate myself,
remember how to stand on both feet and walk straight back into the mess I had left behind,
but how can I do that when i yet have to learn how to crawl?
I must build myself up again step by step, regain my trust in me,encounter my demons and purify my soul of doubt.
A beautiful cover for these scattered pages,
gathered pages in my book of achievements,order rules again in the story of my existence..
I may have lost my way back then,
I may have felt weak for a few seconds,
I may have been blinded by the web of lies I so wanted to believe, but now nothing can stop me from seeing the truth,
the truth that God hadn't forgotten about me..The fact that I have the eyes of the Invincible to guard me.