By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Feb 26
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Hello? HelloOoOo!!Can anyone hear me?? please! pleeeaaase call for help if you can hear me..Help me!! I'm stuck in the telephone and these nasty wires are burning my toshie and are wrapped around my neck..Pleeeaaase help me! I'm in paaaaiiiin! HEEEELLLLPPP!! SOMEBOoODY!! ANYBoOooDY!!
YES!Yes sir!! we can hear you loud and clear!!if you can just wait a second,calmn down and hopefully it'll soon be over in no time..Don't worry sir,we're not going anywhere,we're just gonna have to put you on hold sir for a minute as to call 911,nothing to worry about,you'll be fine mister..
NoOoOOoOoOoo!!NoOoOoOOoOo!! Not on hold!! Not again!! pleeeaaase DON'T!! *They put him on hold and dial 911 and off he goes to another dimension*
Hello?Sir??Are you there???Hello??!! "Damn him,what kind of a sick joke was this guy pulling! Damn them perverts!"
And while these great people where cursing that guy and calling him a pervert,this guy..poor guy was now lost in these phone connection lines AGAIN and may never be
found ever again...
Careful..You never know who it is that's calling you every time your phone rings *ring ring ring ring!/don't pick up fool!*..for all I know it could be him calling you, asking you for help,begging you to save him..As he now learnt his lesson,that it's not cool to eavesdrop!
muhahahaaha MUHAHAHAAHA!