By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Feb 26
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Painted pictures..colourful skies :)

"How foolish of me to could I not remember..I must've been out of my mind..You just can't separate the two of them now,can you??
They both function together,they're a team..and what a weird bond they have..No one really understands how these things really work..
The's like this powerful controls the heart,it orders it beat or forces it to stop...How can you be alive but yet your brain is shut-down..let along be alive when your dead of every feeling??to me that's no life at all..
You can't really separate emotions from logic..Love is illogical,it's emotions,it is everything beyond is tears and laughter..precious moments in the race of time..Love is hatred,envy or's acts are unjustified,unexplained..For in love we do the impossible or the unacceptable..We are not our own selves..we're simply changed people.
We could hurt the ones we love because we don't know how to get to them,we could scare them,tease them..but in the end of the day they are only actions pulled by us to catch the attention of the ones we love..Yes..I know..I'm aware that it all sounds silly now..but think of it for a moment and you'll see that I'm right about this..For in love we express ourselves in the funniest ways..Love is taking care of someone you love,guard them,protect them or even die for the one in the name of these so called feelings ...Turning someone's dream into a reality..Love is believing in fairy tales..
These feelings overwhelm different aspects of our lives,leaving us powerless,helpless and speechless when it comes down to it..Who ever said love was logical??
Forget what's been said earlier..for love is butterflies in your tummy,a heart racing,a pulse beating,it's heart is the whole picture of life as an unsolved msytery.