By Fartah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Mar 03
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Expand,give room and let live.

Expand,give room and let live.
They say that we live in a small place,
the universe is too tiny for all of us to exist,
there's not enough room for everybody,
the air we breathe belongs to those who were before us,
and the air the laters will breathe belonged to us.
Sick suffocating circle of inhaling air,
of staying alive,of surviving.
Expand the boarders,
the sky has no limits.
Could there be a paradise up there?
A hidden room for this crowded population?
or is there another nation?another army above us??
Will our worlds collide one day?
what happens then?
A massive explosion?
A load of man kind ruling the universe..
with no room left,with no air to breathe..
suffocation all arounf as they keep to breed!