By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2006 Mar 09
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Me And You

I am Cause
and you are Effect
and here we stand
with no place
in this entire city
that feels like home
(We were never anything at all)

I Used To Touch You
and warm your skin
I want to kiss you
one last time
while rain elegantly falls around us
(blessing the air surrounding us
as it falls)
I want to hold you
just once more
when winter coyly covers the earth,
(I would keep you warm
with covers and conscious thought)
we were never anything at all

I am cause
and you are effect
and we're falling faster
from these clouds
while a homeless man
sits resting on a streetcorner
staring at us with the most intriguing,
calm curiousity
as we tumble through the air
ever closer
(We were never really anything at all)