By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2006 Jun 07
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Epihpany, Be Gentle

Strangled Night,
oh perfect sidewalks
that curve and swerve
with careful beauty
leading, urging my feet forwards

your smile
sucks all the words
from my tongue
so let us
kiss the silence occasionally
for it was worth
when the moment calls to it
in song

I'm not asking anything from you
(stay awhile, won't you?)
it all has to come from me
this time

I've always expected disaster,
always thought
that the end might be on its way
and over the years
I have turned from white to grey
so with flawlessly purposeful caution
my heart has lived its days.
But for your eyes
and all they hold
Maybe I'll come crashing down
from this cloud
like a feather
in grateful descent

For a change
I will no longer hold away
all of me
from the gentle view
of your understanding heart
just promise me
that, at least,
for a little while
you will stay