By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2006 Jun 10
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Moment EXXI

I broke my Metal heart
in your bedsheets,
an accident
that made this year
a little harder
than what it's worth
I allowed my conscience
to be shattered
with your naked skin
and lustful eyes
while you baptised me softly
with your reckless kisses

I am a fool
struggling again
to find a shard of love
somewhere in this physical ecstacy
or maybe I'm just tired
of being lonely and misunderstood

But regardless of my exhaustion
the fact remains
that there is no halo
hangin' above your head
to bring down
until I come around
and leave you here
breathless but bewildered
by my sudden exit

your moans
are just hollow sounds
to my weathered ears
your body
shaking and vibrating with desire
is just an empty promise
that I don't want to break
your tongue
sailing across my body
remains ignorant
of any other use
it could have;
you have nothing
that I couldn't find
in some random strangers smile

                   Moment CXIV
So Sleep Silently now
before the morning light
exposes my regret
and I will hold you
lke I've been holding on tonight