By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Jun 11
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Once upon a time

I knew this girl,she was so nice,fun and so full of life.
She talked to everyone,saw life in different ways,from different angles,with a joyful spirit.
Until one day,she became MY friend,the closest person to my heart,the keeper of my secrets.
That day,I hadn't the clicest clue that this person would become my worst nightmare,my enemy..My mirror..the reflection of my actions.
I turned her into a beast!In these 4 years she's been studying my actions,I guess it's my fault that I taught her to stand up for herself,how to speak her mind and how to give harsh come-backs...Oh yes..she's been feeding on me,watching my every move,learning and repeating whatever I was all great,Until... she turned into me..the same mean person I am..with 2 matter how mean I am,I never turn on my friends and stab them in the  back whereas she did.
And I'm not double faced,if I had something to say,I'd say it in your face rather than behind your back!
I guess I wasn't such a good life coach,I haven't taught her that there's beauty in the world,I guess it's an eye-opener that's there's more to life than the dark side of people,I lost a friend that day because of my attitude towards life has changed..I want to embrace everybody.
I wish I'd go back in time "four years ago" back to the day where she was still my friend,back to the time where she was that innocent,shy girl..How I wish I left her in her shell and never changed the beautiful person she once was.
How I wish I'd go back in time "four years ago" and teach her what I know now.