By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Jun 13
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I don't get it

Am I really what he says??Why does he see my imperfections..When he's supposed to see and bring out the best in me? Why am I still holding on to this thread of pain?I pour out my heart to you and yet you stay distant,you stay cold...You stay emotionless.
I still don't understand how I'm mistaken all the time,how it's my fault that I'm human,that I have a heart,a heart that only beats and lives for you.
It frustrates me sometimes that I can't find the way to your mind and soul.
It breakes me that you of all people don't recognize when I need your shoulder to shelter me.
It hurts me that no matter how close I am to you,you're still like a star that's out of reach.
I know you love me,but sometimes I find it hard to believe it.
I hate you for making me love you,I hate you for making me feel so weak.
I hate you for I'm addicted to see your smile,to hear your laugh.
I hate you for the energy your eyes shine,for the warmth of your arms.
I hate you for the butterflies in my tummy,for every beat of my heart.
I hate you for showing me a new meaning to life.
I hate you when you act like a jerk sometimes,
I hate that behind a mask you hide.
I hate that you never show a shred of emtions infront of me,
when I know in fact that you have the most tender heart.
I hate that sometimes I feel like I don't get you at all.
I hate that these thoughts make me feel like a total loser,
like I've failed you,like I'm never gonna be good enough.