By Fuffa
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Jul 26
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Happy anniversary my ASS!

So it happened..."18/6/2006 came and yes,I was surprised,shocked and gobbsmacked.
Today is our 1st year anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend and you just had to ruin the 1st anniversary I ever celebrate in my life.
I always hated birthdays and such things because they always end up a huge disappointment...but this time you win the prize.
You just don't care that you hurt me,I don't know why I cry for you when you don't shed a single tear..what are you made of???Is your heart made of stone?! Or have you just forgotten how to use it?
Are you that selfish or you just don't get it??
We're supposed to be together in this day,on that date...not worlds apart.
You win...I'm broken..I never knew you could be this cruel.