By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Aug 16
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The end.

Toady is the 14th of august of 2006...and it's over.
I always hated mondays but this event made me hate all days of the week.
How could you be so cold?wrap me in the warm feelings that once were love and then let me go?
Made me build up dreams of us two and then deprive me of happiness?
"I love you but I dont want to marry you"....excuse me??can you repeat that again,coz I didn't quite get it....Couldn't you have told me that a year ago?
Your selfish! I hate you for hurting me!
I can't be with someone who doesn't see himself with me till the end.
I guess this is where we leave each other...This is were we reached...The cross roads...different lead different lives.
I wish you well for I have loved you till there was no more to give.
Goodbye my lover,soul mate...Good bye to another chapter of a broken heart.
Chili you Youna.