By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Sep 05
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Ever noticed?

Ever noticed how clouds take shape in the sky?What direction the wind blows?How flowers reach for the sun?How rainbows glow in the horizon?
Remember when we used to hold hands in the middle of a crowd?How much you used to love me in many ways?How many times you used to call me a day?remember?
Ever noticed how rain drops shower us in winter?
How leaves cover the earth in autumn?
How snow buries all that was there?
This is how I feel about us now,
rain drops are the tears I cry for you every night before I sleep.
Leaves of autumn are the scars that cover my heart.
Snow buried are the words I can never express after each fight.
Remember How I was the center of your life?I guess you've grown out of this phase...What kills me inside,is the thought of you holding on to me just for the sake of it,just coz you're not ready to let me go yet,not because you love me.
Ever noticed how we once were perfect for one another?But were we really?