By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Sep 14
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One day

one day u'll cry the tears I've cried,
one day you'll show me the real feelings you hide,
one day out of control you'll shout out your pride.
There's no one that can love you more,
there's no way they'd put up with u of that i'm sure,
In my heart I've kept you,in my thoughts,in my core.
Today a new person I'll become,
no longer clinched to you,no longer dumb,
after all the time I wasted on you,
after making me feel so numb.
Maybe I wouldnt act the way I do,
I wouldnt be so jealous,
maybe if you paid more attention to me,
If you made me feel precious.
I loved you with all my heart,
but each time we fight you just want to part..
What would happen if I left you one day?
would you fight for me or leave things this way?
I deserve better than this,I deserve a crown,
after putting up with your shit,after putting me down,
I dont have to give a damn about you,you idiot,you clown.
I promise you,
you'll regret ever treating me the way you did,
after breaking my heart a thousand times,that I forbid,
I hate you for making me feel the pain I do,
because my eyes never stop crying for you.