By farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Sep 16
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Dance floor

I hope you have a blast on the dance floor,
I hope you break a leg as you dance with that whore!
I hope you have a great time where you are,
she wont shine like me,she'll never light up like a star.
2007 here I come,remember you invited me in for some fun,
2007 into the sun,I wish I brought the bullets of this gun.
Angry I am,I must admit,
you wont understand me,you're giving me a fit!
Can't you just try to see my point of view?
the way I see it,three's a crowd so I'll leave you two!
Trust me,you'll be hurt if I did what you're about to do,
days will come,who knows at the time we might be through!