By 2r2our
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Sep 25
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collective work of 2r2our

The Day
The day was the last
The day was gone
The day was sad
The day made me mad
Cuz you left my hear


a smile can turn the greyness blue
a smile can say I love you too
a smile can melt my heart on you
then how come your smile still tears me apart?
an arrow of love an arrow of pain and arrow of this and that with nothing to gain
the truth and lies behind all stories...
the back stabbing and so called glories..

.. i release my arrow 2 her heart
and she doesnt want 2 understand
u gave ur arrow away 2 be given one back,but sometimes love
just gives u the sack
u intoxicate my heart but your heart still like a rocks never feel my pain
a rock i shall stand with nothing in my way,one by one i shall knock u down if u don't lsn to what i say
so tell me wat u say my littel star
i'm so out of ur reach so go long somewhere far
u never understood me u didnt even try
u never tried explaining your deal so let go and may the future ur heart heal
iam here and you are there only the ground separates us
but as each day goes by my love 4 you is] flying high


Famous  ~TrUtH~
to live is to love,
to love is to feel,
to feel is to hurt,
to hurt is to lose,
to lose is to hate,
to hate is to heal,
to heal is to change,
to change is to risk,
to risk is to love
Love is a risk everyone takes,
some of us win,
some of us lose,
it's a lottery of hearts,
you never know what to expect,
just keep playing the odds and pray for the best.