By Fuffa
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Sep 25
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Madness of the world and I

It's a never-ending curse
A curse on all mankind
Being humans
So selfish
So unkind
So full of hatred 2 each other
No1 cares 4 his brother
No 1 cares 4 his soul
Satisfaction we can't find in hurting others
But we never learn
Who have sinned must be punished
But what punishment 4 what sin
We the imperfect 1s cant decide that
We must be guided
Only god is perfect
For whom all we pray
When we r in pain
When we r in suffering
But we never pray 2 thank him
Except 4 the faithful
But even I am writing this
I am not acting on it, which makes me
A 1-time hypocrite
In the moment is I write I fought my little brother
Hurting all whom around me
In mind I am doing the right thing
How can I manage?
I will show no fear and I will show no disrespect
How can I be right?
How can I have strait ness
The only thing I can say now is
Sorry for all whom I have hurt
Sorry 4 all the pain I have caused
And 4 ur forgiveness I seek
plz god guide me throe the way