By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Nov 05
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I'm just frustrated,
I feel helpless and I hate it,
Can't you reach out and hug me?
In your arms I feel save,
nothing can ever hurt me.
You can bary me here now,
down in that dark grave.
I know you'll be gone soon,
so dont give me hope like others,
For I've known my share of pain,
as I'm the weeping moon.
The tears I cry burn my eyes,
a mixure of blood and salt,
I see my soul leave,as if I died,
Why does it always have to be my fault?
What's love anyway,patience and pride?
They always say,they wont leave your side.
Can you put me back in control?
I really would love my life back,
You left me empty,you left a hole,
Now the only colours my heart see,are dim,are black.  
Cant there be sunshine in my days?
I want to get out of this sad phase.
Rays of golden sunshine to tickle my heart?
Everything's left gloomy and loved ones part.
Does it always have to be rain?
Falling down like bullets on my head,
like arrows pointed to hit my brain,
At day like these,I wished I was dead.
Love me or leave me,
That's the only request I ask of you.