By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2006 Dec 13
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Winter Said

                Winter says Good Morning
                   and I open my eyes
                 struggling to see something
                       that has some meaning
                (while here i am alone again,
                with twisted bedsheets
                     and my blanket
                  like a cocoon around me:
             Where have you left me?)
                 So forgive me
                   say you won't believe
                 in a violent tomorrow
                 that has nothing tangible
                to appease these suspicions
                       that we hold

The cold breeze
      blows into my room
        and it rushes over my skin
            soothing and cooling my body
             Like you
                     and your forever goodbye
                 that perpetuates itself
                      in your miraculous smile
(Winter said goodnight
              and my eyelids sank beneath the stars)

                          And I will die