By Star of David
Date: 2006 Dec 18
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This Christmas

It hurts to think of you this Christmas. You’ve been silent for over a year. And I remember the days when we held each other tight on cold December nights, as church bells rang, on a couch just large enough for two.
That space won’t hold us both now darling, not with the ghosts of other loves and memories. No place is large enough for you and me now – we’ve got more than our share of burdens to cling to.
It’s empty this Christmas without you, the tree refuses to look the same. The cake tastes bitter since you didn’t steal a taste and carols aren’t the same unless they’re sung by you.
But we both know you’re not coming back this Christmas, or this New Year, I guess not next year too. I hope you aren’t lonely this Christmas, but baby I sure miss you, miss you, miss you.

(December 18, 2006)