By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Dec 21
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Strings of illusion

Strings of illusion,
Taken by the fake disguise.
Waves of confussion,
Cut the link of lies.
Uncover the mask,
Show the face of reality.
Dont be afraid to ask,
The way to your real identity.
A pool of blood,
A trail of broken hearts,
Beneath a shimering moon,
A blanket of gorgeous stars.
A river of falling doubt,
A storm of overwhelming regret,
The tears you cried dont count,
Because tomorrow the pain you will forget.
The utopian dream,
Of uncountable smiles.
The way love should seem,
A feeling that's worthwhile.
A web of acts on the stage of the gifted,
A script that never changes as the curtains are lifted.
A parallel life,in another universe,
Lifing again over and over the same curse.
destined to live on a hope that may never come,
A knight sways his sword to take me,as there will be sun.