By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2006 Dec 25
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Fire of my soul

Damn it! I cant help but feel stupid! I know deep down inside this is not the way I'm supposed to be feeling.
Loving you just comes natural to me,it's the easiest thing I've ever done in my life.
so easy yet so hard,how can I ever let go of the fuel that keeps me going,but burns me at the same time??
You're destructive in your own unique,beautiful way.
You turn me into ashes and I come back for more.
My love,haven't I suffered enough?
Into flames,I light up for you in the darkest sky.
I wish you burnt out the fire of my rage,the heat of my heart.
I wish you left me cold and numb,instead of hurt and alive.
They say it's better to have loved and been hurt than never to have loved at all..
Can anyone explain how that's possible?because I feel so dead now.