By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2007 Mar 23
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After the break up

You saw my sister today and you didn't even mention my name...You didnt ask her how I was doing or feeling..I guess I meant nothing to you..Talk about a hard slap across the face..You will regret this..and when you do...I'll have nothing to say to you.

17 March 2007 - 19h52 [General] A memory

I never knew that saddness could grow like trees..
I never knew that loved ones part like leaves..
I never knew that hearts can grow that great..
If only I knew it's a game of fate.
I never knew that loving someone could hurt this deep,
and now that you left me,my heart's left here to forever sleep.
I wish I could keep you here in the palm of my hands,
But you see destiny has already drawn different plans.
I love you and it's killing me on the inside that you had to leave,
A life without you I can't imagine,for you forever I'll grieve.

17-3-2007 Saturday.

We would've been together two years in the 8th of april...

16 March 2007 - 23h14 [General]
What goes around..comes around..Now I'm caught up in my own web of lies..but I still blame you for my actions.
If I go down..I'm dragging you with me,for the two years that you claimed loving me...
So I finally tell you how I freakin feel and just as I finish the sentence the phone hangs up and you dont bother calling me back..I get the point...maybe you never really cared...But I swear you're paying for that just about right now...You're losing me..You lost that girl the worshiped you,that would've done everything in her power to keep you happy...but now I'm just the saddest girl..and yes it's your fault for making me love such an asshole like you.
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15 March 2007 - 14h26 [General]
Covered with white..snow flakes everywhere...warm on the outside yet frozen on the inside.
No sun could melt the coldness of you heart..with every wave of fluffy cotton,a mountain of neglect piles up,I walk on ice,only to slip once again into the hope that you'd change back the way you were..Frosty snow flakes,just like stars they fall with blunt edges..they rip my skin until I bleed.
Snow balls like bullets falling straight down,aiming me..bringing me if I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.
You pass me by after a long break..and salute me with a frigid greeting..How you broke my you left me frostbitten..glaciated heart..I wish you'd melt.
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11 March 2007 - 09h30 [General] Mixed up thoughts
It's so hard to let go of the things you've always wanted and fought for in life..It's sad that the machine of time just slipped from our hands..Nothing is on our favor anymore..Not the time,the place,the people and most importantly our hearts are not in it now.
Reality ruins everything..At some point you just realize it was all nothing but a dream..A lie..a mis-match.
I lost the will to fight for us..but have you??I guess it all lies in the hands of fate now.
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