By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2007 Apr 12
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Damn You!

The Smile of Yours-poem

I'm not a photomodel!
I don't ever want to be
any kind of Model!!

I don't want everyone
to see my smile on an ad.
I don't want everyone
think that I am forever young,
on a digitalized picture.

I'm not a picture.
I'm a Real Woman!!
A woman of flesh,
experience, feelings,
body and soul.

I AM beautiful!
In spite of age.
In spite of wrinkles.
In spite of opinons.

I am beautiful...
Because I have sprit.
Because I shine from inside.
Because I'm Happy.
Because I'm energetic.
Because I'm still curious.
Because I love people.
Because I'm interested
in people,
from the bum to the president.