By vishal
Date: 2007 Jun 12
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Did you ever used to wonder about me? Before we met I mean. I would lie awake in bed at night and wonder where in the world you were, how you were, what time it was over there, whether you were lonely, did you love me as much as I already loved you. I used to ponder all these things but most of all, whether we would ever meet. Or were we destined to be strangers all our lives never allowed to show how much we loved each other. On the God who led me to you, I swear, I wondered all these things.
And now when it's dark at night, and I know you're deep in the sleep that evades me because I would give the rest of my life for one more day with you, I stop and reflect that my questions have finally been answered.
I say a thank you then, from the bottom of my heart to that same God, and sleep peacefully in a world where your face dances in my dreams. And I wonder no more