By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2007 Jun 21
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The image of reality you gave to me

they say that hate drives us but it only drives us one way,
yet love opens gates of joy as roses sway.
It is disappointement that's eating me up from the inside,
for you have promised me you'd change but you lied.
All the love I had for you in my heart has turned to dust,
a mountain of ashes my feelings rest on the road of trust.
Never to see daisies or smell the scent of your sweetness,
Never again to feel and know the meaning of completeness.
In agony I stand on the road of hate,
I cry in pain and wonder if it's too late,
Will a heart ever so frigale and broken love again?
Hate is just a statement of weakness,
for I know in the end love will always win.