By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2007 Jun 21
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Wired heart, the one that stopped to beat..
Stopped to beat the minute you walked out,
The minute it had no more reason to dance,
To dance into the tender arms of his lover.
Caged in, imprisoned in a body,
A heart cornered by sadness,
overwhelmed with loss,
drowning in grieve.
Why not I asked myself?
Why not do it?
Why don't you just take it already?
It's just a harmless pill..
Take another one. Then again why not swallow the whole lot?
You'll feel so much better later,
It will stop your pain.
An army of white pills waiting for your permission..
Just waiting for you to set yourself free..
What's stopping? Your heart's dead anyway..
It's of no use...
What's stopping you her inner thoughts asked..
And it was then that logic answered. It is "HOPE".

Wednesday 4/4/2007