By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2007 Jun 21
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Put down by you again.

You finish your lectures & give me 2 missed calls,
I sent u where I was & that's when all falls.
You’re still at university with Haya's friend,
I am too, but with Rinad, your reply I pend.
But a reply I don’t get,  
Thought u were at home. So I was ok with that
Then an hour later ,I call before I go to class,
Didn’t know your still at uni u big time ass.
you could’ve sent me a msg to come,
But I guess your bored of me now, you’re looking 4 fun.
& when I confronted you, you said u didn’t have your car.
What does that have to do with keeping your distance and staying at a far??
If you don’t want to c me, just be a man and tell me so, instead of acting like kids that was really low!