By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2007 Aug 14
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Damn... This site...! :-)
I would like to use the Comic Sans font.
And use Bold, Italic etc. freely...
But I don't know here how? :-(.

Well here the COLD CASE comes:

I looked at the Cold Case TV-series
on the Tv tonight.
There was a women who wasn't
a model or a Miss Universum.
Not me either....

I'm REALLY surprised.
I'm 59 years old now.
Men are more after me,
than when I was twenty!

Men between 35 and 40
are really hot for me ?
I tell a man of 37:
"I could be your mother!"
He says: "But you're NOT
my mother! - You are so nice,
tender, beautiful, clever...
Everything I have wanted
All My Life!"

But I...
I don't FEEL anything more
than a liking, a sympathy...

And all these men...
just make me miss You!
Oh, Kim! You! YOU!!!!

But You are a Cold Case...
- Never doing anything
REAL to Me.
Never calling Me,
Never emailing Me,
Never sending a sms to Me.

SO. Going on to be a COLD CASE.

Never cold concerning You....