By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2007 Sep 04
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From Across The Room. (Your Eyes)

                       Do you see
                      what I see?
                       Do you feel
                    what I feel?
      I cannot find an exit
                 I cannot find a memory
                 that matches what you remember

            Won't you help me find
              a way out       of here
    believe.                           Don't be lonely...

                     twist and twirl,
                       elevate yourself
                    above this dirty floor
               (littered with cigarette butts,
                alcohol and desperate feet)
                 before this moment caves in

                     You bleed
                    what I bleed
                 But do you see,
                    how I see?
                 Can you feel,
                    what I'm feeling?
          (To be lonely,
                        is to disappear.)