By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2007 Sep 04
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So Ready To Fall

Where is the love
that was made
uniquely for me
that unites physical and emotional passion,
the love that is smooth
and coarse;
         but wild,
      perfectly untamed

Where is the love
that will stay by my side,
supporting the heaviest tear
but fly as high
as the lightest joy

The love
that will smile helplessly
when she looks into my eyes,
and piece together understanding
out of my clumsy silence

Where is the love
that will kiss me softly
(and in that kiss
I will find the knowledge of eternity)
then allow us to hold eachother
in perfect symmetry

                                 Is she just a dream?
                            just another faded highway line
                 lit up temporarily by my fading headlights
because my body aches
and my eyes are weak;
               This promise
               that I have made
               that I will find her
               is beginning to seem
                   fragile and empty
             like an antique vase
                  filled with dried up roses
               (so ready to fall
                   to the floor)