By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2007 Sep 07
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end of summer challenge

Your smile
is pressing against the doubt
that lingers lazily
in my mind
mixing what I miss
with all that went wrong

Your words
converge to a point
and hover in front
of the wall I have built
because of cold kisses and lavish longing
(The past is never far)

yet I feel
that I could rest
in your arms
(arms that resemble summer
at its most beautiful)
and placidity would place
its perfect breath
deep in my lungs
(if only I knew
if those arms would welcome
this weary soul)

I see in your eyes
a sincerity
that is more real
than anything I could ever grasp
with these damaged hands
(on my way home
in a train window
my reflection
melds with the city lights
to form something unfamiliar;
would you be able to find me
in this mess
I have meticulously made?)
For so long
I've unwillingly been freeing myself
from forgivness

I'm tiring
of cold sheets,
and empty bottles,
I'm tired
of choking love
under the cover of smoke
(smoke that rises
from a fire
that consumes my heart
with transparent flames)

I will abide with hope
at the end of the road
if for no other reason
that a need for change

Well Maybe,
            you'll change me
            you'll save me
(You are a root
that rests in all that is right,
So can I call you home?)