By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2007 Sep 10
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Not yet broken..

Not yet broken..drawning in denial..
I'm not a machine,I have feelings too!
I walk an inch towards you,and you dont even smile..
how I wish you knew what I was going through..
I get frustrated at times,
You've over crossed the line!
I need to feel loved,
I need to know that you care..
I need to know that I'm not in this alone,
that this pain you will share.
I don't want to cry,because you think it's stupid,
but I had such a bad day at work,won't you help me cupid?
Emotions bottled in all the time,
I stand on moving sand,
Is it such a crime for you to reach out your hand?
I need you to say:" You have me,I'll never leave your sight"
I need you to hug me and tell me you need me too after each fight.