By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2007 Sep 10
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Maybe my heart
is not as fragile as I believe,
maybe the world
isn't as grey as it seems
and maybe your skin
is not as coarse as it feels

Like the two immaculate fingers
an inch apart
in the painting on my wall
I am alone
and I cannot help
but blame myself

I walk beneath these snowflakes
that fall with octobers consent
but I can not find
elgance in their descent
as I once did
(or maybe it's just
that I see too much,
maybe they strangle themselves
with their perfect beauty)

Maybe your heart
is spinning like the earth
logical yet lonely
(like me)

I am nothing more
than a breathing apology
my eyes are sorry
for every second I live...
It hurts to believe
(Oh, how it hurts to breathe)