By rennielorca
Date: 2007 Sep 12
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I once dated a bullrider and thought him crazy
now I know I've done far more that's insane
I cut cows and jumped fences-no, on a horse
and found myself miles from nowhere
well, not nowhere to a mountain lion or bear.

Given time to think about that kind cowboy
smooth-faced young'n, raised around jewelry
and, no wonder he climbed on the bull's back
a few seconds out of his life on Fu Man Chu
a lifetime of bragging rights, a bruise or two.

We should all ride a bull, not shoot it--yeah!
give ourselves memories, bragging rights
and take risks on something bigger than life
something to make a heart race, a real race
even now, remembering his dirt-covered face.

(c) 2007 Rennie Lorca