By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2007 Sep 18
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The Guide

Could you believe in me
for a single moment
give me a reason
to keep this faith in you
that changes like the seasons
but always fulfilling in its promises)

You left
on that night
where clouds laughed at me
by covering the stars
before I could bandage your wounds
mocking the hope
that drifts throughout my body
(your fragile mind
filled to the brim
with missteps and regrets)

What can I do
to ease your pain
(I would be your slave)
What can be done
but bless you
with the power
and safety
entwined in every tiny molecule;
deemed to be trivial
by billions who wake each day
without even a sliver of purpose
[Call me by name
and I will be there
but do not forget
all I have suffered through
don't forget,
that we are merely mortal,
and time is more precious
than our microscopic minds
will ever be able
to understand:
All I ask of you
is to give me a memory
(a shining shard of love)
to light my way]