By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2007 Sep 22
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Just another pshcyo

I remember a time when I was perfectly happy when I was alone..and what a feeling that was!
My mood swings didn't depend on someone esle's!
I didn't have to consider anyone's feelings,I just do what I want whenever I want to.
The green monster never ate me alive,I was never jealous of anyone or envyied any girl..but since I met you,this has all changed!
I hate it when you are sad! I love it when you are happy!
I hate upsetting you or hurting you,I want to endlessly protect you!
And I hate every girl that so much just looks at you..You are mine and mine alone!
So thank you for giving the world another pshcyo.
Yours truly,

Cupid's victim x