By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2007 Oct 02
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I wouldn't change a thing.

So what if I constantly think about us? I have my insecurities. I’d dread to think that someone could possibly take you away from me one day.
No yet better I’d be willing to kill for your company all the time.
I don’t know what they call it anymore.
They have so many names for such a feeling, I sometimes feel selfish because I’m always happy around you..
I admit I do and did and probably will continue doing a lot of things that you don’t, won’t and will never think highly of, but remember. I did those things for you..
I did them for me! Yes, for me. I was being selfish, if wanting you for myself is selfish then I am selfish with every meaning this word carries and everything it stands for.
Call me old fashioned but I’m a one man’s lady, I only have one heart, one beat and one soul;and they all call out for you.
I wish I never fell so hard because standing up will be even harder, I wish I never felt so deep and kept my distance but I’m glad I didn’t listen to the reasonable side of my personality...Because I simply love you.