By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2007 Oct 09
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August 27th 1997

Ten years ago
You invited me on a cruise.
After I was near dying
of pneumonia.
Your kindness, caring
and tenderness
saved my life!
(I never, Never, NEVER forget THAT!!)

You were so shy,
even afraid of me,
on the cruise.
But then You came to me.
At the drinks table.
And with an "excuse"
You drew Your hand
down my long hair...

I stood there,
Whispering by myself:
"Ooh guud! Oooh guuud!!"

Never before or after,
have I felt such
a strong feeling!
At the same time
so erotic,
that I became
instantly wet.
At the same time
soo warm and tender,
that I wanted to cry...


I still remember 27.8.1997 like it's yesterday.
Since that day we have shaken hands, embraced etc.
But Your hand along my hair... Nobody else's
touch, has felt like that! - Nobodys kisses,
nobodys lovemaking, not Anything... has been
like Your hand on my hair.....!