By Farah
Submitted by twisted_lie
Date: 2007 Oct 14
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Strings of Fire

Your bright flowery sun has faded into dust,
I wish someone would betray you like you killed my trust.
It only took a split second for things to change.
I happen to find it all a bit odd,a bit strange!
A while back you were so attached to me like a key chain,
and now I just want to flush you down the drain.

Clouds of heavy rains will shower you with stones.
In the dark you walk in a road paved with bones.
The pain and hurt I once felt will mount up in your heart,
A circle of shame will stigmatize your new fresh start.
As on strings of burning fire you will dance,
It was stupid of me to think that we stood a chance.
The dim in my heart will light a sun,
The walls of this room slashed by this blooded gun.
The darkness of the night,
will shine into the colours of the day.
I walk alone tonight,
No sun in my promised you'd stay.