By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2007 Oct 18
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A Piece Of The Pieces

It's almost been three years.  Three years, and still, I'm in pieces.  I'm so reluctant to open up to anyone, even myself.  Simple things can be so difficult still.  Seeing a couple hold eachother in a subway feels like my eyes become needles pricking my heart.  Yet touch from a woman is welcomed and at the same time, venomous.  Doing laundry can hurt: remembering how we clandestinely devoured eachothers bodies in that public place.

My smile is ostentatious half the time.  You tore my insides out and stitched them clumsily to my back pocket.  You dropped me in the middle of the ocean to find my own way out.

It's beeen almost three years.  I haven't loved you for almost the same amount of time, but you've still managed to cling to me(in places I can't seem to find). You made an indelible impact on my mind, heart, and soul, as poor a metaphor as it is, like a meteorite striking the dead surface of the moon.  I can't seem to stop the domino effect you initiated.  I recoil from human touch, involuntarily.  Perhaps in instinctive defense.

I feel dizzy when I speak: You spent all the honesty I ever had.  I'm so lonely, and I just don't care anymore.  Loneliness is peace.

You broke me.  You broke my will.  You broke my heart, in the most literal sense possible. So take it back, take it all back, everything you showed me.

All that i have left to say
is that you still break me,
you break me, every, single, waking day.