By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2007 Oct 19
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Why DO You hurt Me??

I asked You
of a humble PLEASE!
To tell me in a Person-To-Person Way...
As a phone call,
or a sms,
or an email,
that I'm ok as i am.

You didn't call me,
or sms me , or email me!
You just wrote some
"blah-blah" here......

Never, NEVER

Straight from
Kim to Ria!

G O  TO  H E L L !!!!
- And then to the out-of-earth-of-heaven,
that you have wanted all these ten years
You and I have known eachother.......


P.S. In every beat of my heart..
In every toast of wine..
In every conversation..
In everything I do..