By Marshall Hann
Submitted by blessed23
Date: 2007 Oct 21
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Nobody Girl

There was a promise
on your lips,
delivered as a postcard
to my scarred hands
your smeared fingerprints
were the punctuation marks
scattered through words not written
inbetween the neat letters
organized perfectly row on row

You are en-route,
in utero,
your headlights stare warily
at the cracked highway
you travel upon.
you're a nobody girl,
your nobody girl,
a nobody girl

History has its hands full
with answering
machine messages
that were never sent
and mundane memories,
that I keep letting inside
from the bitter cold outside.
I've got a really good heart,
I just can't catch a break

You are the girl
of futurity,
it's cold, so cold here,
I can't find you
in the storm of time
and I wanna go home...
you're nobody girl,
you're nobody girl,
your nobody girl
("im your nobody girl)