By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2007 Oct 22
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I was soo Sad, I was angry, I was mad...

For about three weeks now
everything has gone wrong
(especially all TECHNICS!).

I bought a new laptop.
I bought new Windows programs.
I bought a new Canon digi-camera
(with long teeth...).
They don't work!!
The way my old computer,
and my old-fashioned
Canon-camera did!

If I would write
the whole story
of 3-4 weeks job
and frustration,
this poem would be
10 screens whide...:-)

I called You
last Friday night
(on your cell phone).
Crying out angry words.
Angry pleadings
of letting me free....

This morning
I went to my Italiano class.
The first thing
that met me
was a song of Laura Pausini:
"Strani Amori"

We listened to the song twice.
Then the teacher translated it.
- The song told about OUR love!

I started to cry - silently...

I think - and Think:
"I will not be free of You,
unless YOU let me free!!"