By Ria
Submitted by peregrine falcon
Date: 2007 Oct 25
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First. My dear, old camera didn't work anymore.
Second. My printer refused to print.
Third. I bought a new laptop.
Forth. I bought a new digi-camera.
Fifth. I bought new Windows programs.
Sixth. I bought a new one-in-all machine.
Seventh. My Very Dear Old Car got more and more faults.

I stop numbering...

I was very proud of myself, when I got the new
programs installed in my new lapstop. But then
Word refused to write å, ä, ö. I managed to
change the language in Word. But still I couldn't
write å, ä, ö?! I took the laptop back to Stocka.
Two of the sales personnel didn't know what to do
to my problem. After half an hour a young nerd came.
It took him about 60 seconds to resolve the problem.
- You had to change the Keyboard language too! :-).

I got my one-in-all machine's program downloaded
to my computer:-). But it didn't print!!?? :-((((

I could write about 5 A4:s about The Technics,
that has happened during the last two months...

But, but. I found a new car yesterday!! :-) :-)
From year 2001. Driven only 33.000 kms. Like
a new one, inside and out. She's a beauty!
Her name is Fey (because her register begins
with FEY :-).